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About Us

Having worked since 1976 as a development engineer and project leader for Dr. Ing. Rudolf Hell GmbH, a company world famous in the graphics industry, in 1990, Wilhelm Ahrens, together with his wife and three children, transferred to the branch office located in Tokyo.
Through this experience, Wilhelm Ahrens has learned the important fact that the ultimate key to success in the global business world is the understanding of foreign business culture, and the localization of ideas and new challenges.
During the long stay in Japan, our family members had various opportunities through education and friendships to develop the skills for a deeper understanding of Japanese business culture and language.

  • smooth set-up of new subsidiary at reasonable cost
  • technical consulting in graphic and hydraulic industry
  • any other business consulting

  • world-wide exhibition and event promotion service
  • international casting
  • any film and ad (print & film) production

  • import / export of specialized food and handcraft products

  • Today, we can state,

    Founder and President

    born in Germany, married, three children
    study at University Lemgo,
    finished with Diplom-Ingineering degree
    software and hardware devlopment,
    project manager at Rudolf Hell GmbH
    service assistant manager
    at Hell Graphics k.k., Tokyo
    manager for 2nd level support,
    Heidelberg Japan k.k., Tokyo
    International service support at
    Bosch Rexroth k.k., Tokyo,
    Foundation of
    Ahrens Enterprise Ltd., Tokyo
    President of Ahrens Enterprise Ltd., Tokyo

    Our Mission is...

    building bridges between cultures

    This never-ending task greatly motivates our tri-lingual staff, helping them respect, on a daily basis, the following principle:
    "Customer satisfaction is first"

    This target is ensured by

  • Challenge - taking any challenge on customers inquiry
  • Mind set - independent, creatice and collaborative mind set
  • Decision making - fast and cross-cultural solutions
  • Integrity - always act with fairness and impartiality

  • All members of Ahrens Enterprise believe that following these ideals is the only way to establish trusting and therefore long-term co-operation.
    May I invite you to have a look around our different divisions and to challenge our promise:

    "Service is Our Business”

    >>>> Natural Regain - Import Organic Food Wholesale (Japanese only)
    >>>> Grex Entertainment - Event Management and International Casting
    >>>> Business Development Tokyo & Import/Export


    Company History

  • 2004 - founding of Ahrens Enterprise Ltd. with Grex Entertainment Division
  • 2006 - establishment of BDT Division (Business Development Tokyo)
  • 2010 - establishment of Natural Regain Division